Who is Blaine Greenwood?

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The poetry of Blaine Greenwood,

as refined as it is intuitive,

successfully melds the visual and the aural

without wasting a single breath.

~ Phil Rice, poet and editor

Canopic Jar





Blaine Greenwood, born in Viking Alberta 1951, is an educator by profession – with a career spanning from classroom teacher to museum educator and event planner. It is from this foundation that Blaine’s poetry has come to reflect his interest in psychology, history and spirituality. His verse has been described as “dark, homespun, sensual, rich with images

Blaine was one of the Coordinators of MOST VOCAL Poets Society. He was until very recently one of the artistic directors of Lotos Land spoken word / poetry venue at Fort Macleod Alberta’s South Country Fair and a past main stage performer. He is currently the DJ for CKXU’s Not Your Mother’s Poetry and as that show’s host, participated in 100 Thousands Poets for Change event 2013 – 2015.

The title of Blaine’s first chapbook Walking Naked Down the Street describes the experience of a writer baring his soul to the public as well as some of Blaine’s earliest attempts at poetry. Blaine’s first book is Black Cat in the Shadows (Ekstatis Editions, 2015, Richard Olafson, ed.) ISBN 978-1-77171-137-1, $23.95

He’s currently working on a collection of prose poems about Matisse, Magritte and Dali.

Blaine holds a B.Ed. and Diploma in Educational Media from the University of Alberta and lives in Lethbridge, Alberta with his wife, Dee.


  • Black Cat in the Shadows (Ekstatis Editions, 2015. Richard Olafson, ed.) 

              ISBN 978-1-77171-137-1, $23.95           http://www.ekstasiseditions.com/recenthtml/blackcat.htm

  • Walking Naked Down the Street (Coldwater Press, Trent Moranz, ed.)

              ISBN 0-9699199-0-5, $5.00

Performance / Event Highlights

  • Waterton National Park’s Bear Grass Days (1995)
  • Lethbridge’s Peace through Poetry campaign (2002) and StreetFest (2002 / 2003) 
  • Fort Macleod’s South Country Fair (2002 / 2003 / 2016); main stage performer at South Country Fair (2003 / 2016)
  • Robyn’s Bookstore Philadelphia (2004)
  • Calgary Single Onions Poetry Orgy (2009)
  • Lethbridge, Alberta’s Word on the Street (September 2012, 2016)
  • Black Cat in the Shadows Book Launch – Lethbridge (October 2015); Edmonton (April 09 / 2016); U of Lethbridge (April 14, 2016); Calgary ( April 19, 2016)
  • Wordstorm reading series, Nanaimo, British Columbia (April 2017); Spring Writes Conference, BC Writers’ Federation ( https://www.wordstorm.ca/ )

Teaching Highlights

  • Medicine Hat Celebrating Words Festival presentation (April 30, 2016)
  • University of Lethbridge Introductory English class (April 2017)

Selected Anthologies/Other publications

  • ArtsBridge 2013 Fall (Allied Arts Council of Lethbridge)
  • Synthesis Calgary Stroll of Poets Anthology 2004    ISBN 0-9687802-4-5
  • Spire Poetry Poster 2004
  • Mudlark Press’ Rags: Journal of Creative Writing 2002 – 2004, 2006, 2008 -2009 ISBN 1496-0869
  • Quills Canadian Poetry Magazine – Lust Edition Vol 1 2004 (Byron Sheardown, Publisher, http://www.quillspoetry.com)
  • Vincent Van Gogh Gallery 2003
  • Astropoetica 2004
  • Canopic Jar (Phil Rice, editor)
  • A Man Overboard (Reid Baer, Editor)
  • Interpscan Journal (Canada)
  • Our Journey (Oregon, USA)




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Another review of BLACK CAT IN THE SHADOWS

Black Cat in the Shadows (Paperback)

An Imagistic Feast
Customer rating 5.0/5.0
Aug. 3 2017 By W. Faith

In his poetic treatment of Europe’s Post-Impressionist and Art Nouveau painters, Blaine Greenwood’s *Black Cat in the Shadows* collapses—in true Modern style—the seeming boundaries between the visual and literary arts. Rich with historical gems that sparkle against the backdrop of dark Parisian streets—where the “rich, the poor, [and] the in between” all have their place—this collection is a beautiful celebration of the subjective vision of the artist in its most concrete form.

Like Toulouse-Lautrec, Mr. Greenwood “contents himself with just looking.” And through his writerly lens, he translates van Gogh’s “crude wooden table, and one bowl of potatoes” into a feast of literary Imagism. Williams Carlos Williams is—I am sure—giving him a nod and a wink at this very moment.

Wendy Faith, Ph.D.
Department of English, University of Lethbridge


Black Cat cover

Welcome to Le Chat Noir. . . the place where Parisian artists and poets meet… again.
Mr. Greenwood’s poems brings the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and tactile sensations
of both art forms to the page with wit, wisdom and elan.
An excellent and most welcome debut.

~ Richard Stevenson, Poet / Author


The cafe of the Black Cat, the famous Le Chat Noir of fin de siecle Paris, was the gathering place of bohemians, royalty and everyone in between – aristocrat to street walker.

As well, the Black Cat was noted for its entertainment, innovation, and absinthe.
It is the the author’s hope that some of that essence of the Black Cat can be found within these pages.

Black Cat in the Shadows is a page-turner.

Absinthe colours the Art Nouveau Age in Paris and we accompany him through Le Chat Noir meeting artists, paintings and music coloured in absinthe.
Black Cat in the Shadows took me in and held me there in one reading.

~ Joan Shillington, poetry editor, freefall magazine


“What a great reading at Audrey’s!!
Blaine transported us to Paris, London, Arles…we trundled alongside Toulouse Lautrec, shadowed Aubrey Beardsley, and learned a sinister truth about Van Gogh’s lopped off ear …. a beautiful collection, masterfully read.
Topped with great conversation post reading – bravo Blaine!!!!”

Kathy Fisher , poet from Edmonton, Alberta


Recommended Read:
BLACK CAT IN THE SHADOWS (2015/Ekstasis Editions) by Blaine Greenwood
Le Chat Noir (The Black Cat) was the Parisian place where artists hung out and where people like Van Gogh and Henri Toulouse Lantrec drank their absinthe. This heady intoxicating book takes you on a sensual journey into the bohemian past of Paris making all its magic and wonder come alive. Strong images, details, and emotions, combined with history deliver a poetry book rich in adventure and is a rewarding fine wine and dine for readers. 3.5/ 5 Stars.

Warren Gschaid, book reviewer and reporter from Lethbridge Alberta



To purchase the book BLACK CAT IN THE SHADOWS
contact myself at the email address found at the end of this entry
or the publisher at http://www.ekstasiseditions.com/recenthtml/blackcat.htm

Contact me at blaine.greenwood at gmail.com

LAST SUPPER painted by Leonardo da Vinci

LAST SUPPER painted by Leonardo da Vinci

Now the thirteen
dance in threes
across the canvas sea
We ask again
“Which one were you
at the Last Supper?

Old parchment floats
to surface of the pile …

this old man in red chalk
on paper blotched –

you stare
with your deep eyes,
your long flowing beard …

sharp teeth gone …

eyes failing …

hidden in the Royal Library
near shroud of Turin

still mixing up
dark alchemy.

(c) Blaine Greenwood


Poetry and Dance at Wordstorm / Spring Writes (Nanaimo) Thursday April 27, 2017 PLUS April 25 private reading (New Westminster)


Reading in Nanaimo  – Wordstorm –  Thursday April 27, 2017

For a link to a video of Timothy Allen’s tap dance and Blaine Greenwood’s poem

For a link to a video of Chantelle Norris’s ballet and Blaine Greenwood’s poem

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Previous to the Nanaimo reading there was a stop-over in New Westminster

where another reading took place. Here are the links for that series of poems:

part 1 …. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ionk0js-R0

part 2 …. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dCUJ0LnUjM

My literary inspirations


” Richard Stevenson is a friend, mentor, editor of my manuscripts and one who never gave up on pushing me to put into print what I wrote”  —

Richard Stevenson (born 1952) is a Canadian college English teacher and poet. Stevenson taught English at Lethbridge College in Lethbridge, Alberta and has taught in Western Canada and Nigeria. Stevenson has degrees in English and Creative Writing from The University of Victoria and University of British Columbia. Stevenson was also a musician with the young adult group Sasquatch and the jazz/poetry ensemble Naked Ear.





” Featured in the MOST VOCAL Reading Series, Robert Bringhurst,  simply by presenting his poetry and books, helped me to understand that poems can have more than one voice” —

Robert Bringhurst (born 16 October 1946) is a Canadian poet, typographer and author. Bringhurst has translated substantial works from Haida and Navajo, as well as classical Greek and Arabic. He wrote The Elements of Typographic Style – a reference book of typefaces, glyphs and the visual and geometric arrangement of type. He was named an Officer of the Order of Canada in June 2013.[2]

He lives on Quadra Island, near Campbell River, British Columbia (approximately 170 km northwest of Vancouver) with his wife Jan Zwicky, a poet and philosopher.



” Walter Hildebrandt as an interpreter of history has a similar background to me. He provided the insight in the contrary version of history, the version of history untold because it was too inconvenient”  —

Historian and poet Walter Hildebrandt was born in Brooks, Alberta and now lives in Edmonton. He was the Director of University of Calgary Press and Athabasca University Press. He has worked as a historian for Parks Canada and as a consultant to the Treaty 7 Tribal Council, the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations and the Banff Bow Valley Task Force. He was awarded the Gustavus Myers Award in 1997, for outstanding work on intolerance in North America, for his book The Spirit and Intent of Treaty 7. His long poem Sightings was nominated for the McNally-Robinson Book of the Year in Manitoba in 1992. A previous volume of poetry, Where the Land Gets Broken, received the Stephan G. Stephansson for best poetry book in Alberta in 2005. Documentaries is his eighth book of poetry.